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A map with promotional advertisements.

A miniature thimble with the Maydale logo printed around the edge. Used perhaps for advertising.

This was a type of card given with a pack of cigarettes circa 1890. Sweet Caporal cigarettes sold for $.05 a pack of ten. A smoker had to keep inhaling on them or they would go out; not like the type today that burn down to the end. The picture is…

A copy of an American Woolen Company advertisement from the Museum of American Textile History.

Newspaper clippings pasted on a cardboard backing.

An advertisement for Dr. Hess's Stock Tonic, a scientific compound of conditioner and worm expeller. This product is used by veterinarians and those raising stock animals.

The business advertising on this promotion:
L. Roy Hawes, Florist; Dr. Donald O. Feltus, optometrist; Lovell Bus Lines; Maynard Men's Shop; Maynard Radio & Music Store; Elite Beauty Shop; W. A. Twombly Funeral Sevice

A glass ashtray advertising the Nelson Pontiac Co. The inscription reads "Nelson's Pontiac, Maynard, Tel 64 W".

Advertising souvenirs for Hawes Florist, 1984. The inscription says "Think Flowers First", 70 Powdermill Road, Maynard, MA, 897-8081.

An advertising pencil from Middlesex Launderers & Cleansers, Inc.

A clothing brush from the New Idea Store. The New Idea Store sold clothes, shoes, and furnishings. It was located at 57-59 Main St., Maynard. The store closed in 1982.

An advertising coaster for Middlesex Savings Bank.

An advertising matchbook for Middlesex County National Bank.

An advertising wallet for the Maynard Consumers Credit Union, 68 Main Street, Maynard, Mass.

An advertising card for Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound from Charles W. Wells, Druggist in Maynard, Mass.

A pencil with the Maydale Beverage Co., Inc. logo. The inscription reads: "25 Glendale St., Maynard, Mass., Phone Twin Oak 7-7071, Life is Great When you Carbonate".

Two advertising ice scrapers-yellow & orange- for Minot Mobil, Jct. Rts. 117 & 62, Maynard, Mass., Tel. 897-7510. John H. Minot, owner.

Two orange 12" rulers that advertised W.E. Aubuchon Hardware Store. The inscription reads: "W.E. Aubuchon Co., Hardware, Sapolin Paints, Plumbing Supplies".

A white key fob with the Express Pizza & Subs logo on it.

Three printer's cuts of the Maydale Bottling Co. used for advertising in the local newspapers.