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Front Row (5): Otto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiala, John Forss, John Linna

Center Row (6): Matti Sarvela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, Aaroni Haapanen

Back Row (7): Sam Ruotsala, Hugo…

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l to r: George Lawton, Herbert Lawton, Jack Veitch.
The orchestra or sometimes referred as the LVL Trio was organized around 1900 and was under the direction of George Lawton. Herbert Lawton was a pianist.

Some of their appearances as gleaned…

Made up of members of all churches in town. Mr. Charles Garabedian, director.

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Front: Charles Garabedian, __?,__? __?__?, Jack Johnson, __?__?__?__?, Otto Kunolius, Phil Wilson and Roy Helander at far left.

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Music celebrating the American Workman, Grover Cleveland on the cover.

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Front: Elmer Cook, Walter Larkin, Gavin Taylor,Jr., Mrs. Hazel (Hooper) Cook, Accompianist, Frank Holland, Wilder X. Macurda, Mark Newton, George E. Lawton
Back: Edwin Carlton, William Merriman, William Jones, Archie (Harlan) Cook, George…

A music sheet clip holder made of wood and brass. These were used in the late 1800's. The name Oscar Kauppi of Parker Place, Maynard, Mass. appears written on the backside. Also, the name Holtite is burnished into the handle.

An official booklet with songs that the army could use including: The Star Spangled Banner, The Army Air Corp, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Oh! Susana, The Caissons Go Rolling Along and many others.

Used by Allan Webster when a member of the Snare Drum and Bugle Corps, Boy Scout Troop No. 1, Saint George's Episcopal Church: 1921-1924

The bandstand was built in the 1930's by the WPA at Crowe Park. The Green Meadow School can be seen in the background. The bandstand was taken down in the 1990's, deemed unsafe.

A window card announcing a battle of the bands between Ralph Weckstrom and his orchestra vs. George Smith and his orchestra.

A program of a concert to raise money for Finland after the invasion by Russia in 1939. The fourth photo is a sample page of sponsors.

Made up of Maynard, Acton, and Concord men for Memorial Day. Picture taken in front of the Methodist Church on the corner of Summer and Main Streets.

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Front: William Jones, Ernest Wollerscheid, Thomas Wright, Silas Sawyer, John…

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A black and white photo of the Centennial Boiler Room Boys. Front Row(l-r): Rudy Koski, Johnny Lubin, Harvey Marshall, Red Hartford, Harry Condit, and Eddy Brennan. Back Row(L-R): Ray Helin, Rudoff Tompkins, Bob Dwinnell, and Russ Rogers.

A poster promoting a concert at the time of the centennial to take place at the high school auditorium.

A remembrance of minstrel shows in Maynard by a well-known local minstrel.

A chronology of music makers in Maynard from the 1900s through the late 1940s. (At the time of its writing, the centennial authors planned to update it through the 1960s).

Poster for a dance at Parker Street Hall with music from George Smith's Orchestra

A vintage drum made of metal and mylar/polyester with a metal outer shell and colored blue and silver.

Edward Brennan (right) with his first instructor, Eino Nelson (left).
Attached is an article by Roy Helander that appeared in the Finnish newspaper, Raivaaja.

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