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A History of Magdalene Chapter, No 28, Order of the Eastern Star from 1890 - 1969. Order of the Eastern Star is a associate organization of Freemasons.

A history of the chapter along with lists of first officers, current (1969) members.

Maynard Assembly #21: Instituted November 13, 1926, Constituted November 9, 1927. The cookbook seems to have been a fund raiser project for the girls. Shown is the cover, a sample page of recipes and advertisements.
"The International Order of the…

This photo is variously identified as Odd Fellows or Masons. Most likely Masons.

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Front Row:__Bishop, Charles Dyson, Harry Rodway, Fred Randell, Francis Johnston, Bob Lester, Oliver Trees, Tom Smith

Center Row: William Morris, ___?,…

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Front: Elmer Cook, Walter Larkin, Gavin Taylor,Jr., Mrs. Hazel (Hooper) Cook, Accompianist, Frank Holland, Wilder X. Macurda, Mark Newton, George E. Lawton
Back: Edwin Carlton, William Merriman, William Jones, Archie (Harlan) Cook, George…

The file contains newspaper clippings, musical programs, installation program and information about the Masonic Building (formerly the Maynard Block).

The Annual Concert Program with 34 pages of sponsors.
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Front: Alan F. Palmer, Wilder X. Macurda, Gavin A. Taylor, Hazel Hooper, Frank T. Holland, Harold A. Merriam, George E. Lawton
Center: Edwin Carlton Jr., William T. Merriam, Hiram…

Committee: George E. Lawton, Harold A. Merriam, Harvey N. Fairbank

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Front: Thomas Deane, __?, __?, __?, Orrin Fowler, __?
Rear: __?, Levi Cheney, __?, L.D. Wilson, William Naylor, Wilder Macurda, O. C. Dreschler, __?

A regular meeting and reception of the Magdalene Chapter held at Masonic Hall for the Grand Officiers.

Contains a history from inception in 1890 through 1969 compiled by Eva M. Frye, Past Matron. The history had a complete list of past matrons and patrons.

The Dance Order for Leap Year Party held by the Magdalene Chapter at Riverside Hall, Maynard on Tuesday Evening, April 14, 1896.

Floor Directors: Mrs. F.H. Salisbury, Mrs. F. R. Connor

Aids: Mrs. Geo. Flood, Mrs. Geo. H. Hart, Mrs. T.A. Jones,…

The 654th regular meeting September 19, 1922
Organization for 1922:
Mrs. Eva M. Frye, Worthy Matron; Mr. Roderick McIver, Worthy Patron; Mrs. Grace Trees, Asso. Maton; Mrs. Annie Naylor, Secretary; Miss Bessie Hayward, Treasurer; Mrs. Martha…