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Maynard Sports Team.pdf
A black and white photo of six sports team members. Included in the photo are from the back: Larry Fryatt, Scott Laasanew, and Ben Dubois. Seated are: Ron Moalli, Brian Quinn, and Dave Godfrey.

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Front: Bob Jarmulowicz, Donald Torpa, Paul Duggan, Philip Williams, Bill Clayton
Rear: Coach Dick Lawson, Dick Larson, Alex Kulevich, Raymond Larson, David Crotty, Reino Neimi, Gerald Connors, ___?

These basketball shirts were recovered when the Junior High moved from Summer Street to Tiger Drive.

Names on back of photo:
Evelyn Russo, Ruth Garside, Ruth Croft, Kathleen Crotty, Theresa Mariano, A. Hamlin, E. Sivartz, H. Imaka, E. Perry, R. Schivenka, D. Newman, M. Smith, Lawler, Mahoney, Layton, White, Murphy, HInds, Walls, Brown, Lynch,…

This team practiced at the old Bent Ice House and competed with the Maynard Town Team of the period.

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Front: Pat Hansen, Ra Lingley, Wallace Locke
Rear: Bill Moynihan, John O'Moore (Mgr), George Bower

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Lawrence DeColl (Sudbury), Eugene Jokisarri, Toiro R. Atto, Arne Ollila, Osko Sulkala, Ahti Jokisarri, H. Rudolph Pirkola, George Carbary, Leonard Ollila, Adolph Chysus (manager).

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Walter Crotty at Fort Pond, Littleton, after winning the "Maynard to Fort Pond " race in 1933, the only Maynard man to win the annual event. He was the New England cross country six mile champion in 1932, and winner of the ten mile Caledonian…

Top Photo: l to r
Front: Jim Farrell, Tom Maley
Back: Charles Hoffman, Bill Stockwell, Spec White

Bottom Photo: l to r
Front: Tom Maley, Jim Farrell
Back: Spec. White, Bill Stockwell, Charles Hoffman

Front Row: 5th from right, Oliva Warila
Back Row: 1st on left, Al Lerer; 2nd from right, Reggie Sawyer

Far left 1st row, Hank Brayden
Far right back row, Reggie Sawyer

A 1919 photo of the championship soccer team in 1919.

A sepia photo of the Finnish Radical Hall Gymnasts dated 1925.

A sepia photo of the St. Bridget's Baseball Team, dated 1907. Members are:
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Front: Jack Collins, Harry Clark, Charles Smith
Center: Henry Kelly, Frank Murray, Mark Kelly
Back: ___?, Daniel Colbert, Mgr.; ___?, Jack Punch

A sepia photo of the Maynard Town Basketball Team, dated 1907.
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Front: Frank Archer, Jinx Murray
Center: Jack Kelly, Jim Mahoney, Bill Cleary
Back: Ed Ledgard, Jack Punch, Jim Ledgard

Two sepia photos of Maynnard's first professional basketball tem, dated 1901.
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Front: Matt Campbell, Jack Punch, __Smith
Center: A. Knox, __Marshall, Albert Axford
Back: George "Cubie" Lynch, Mgr. Haire, W. Knox

A sepia photo of the St. Bridget's Holy Name Junior Baseball Team, dated 1921.
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Front: Bill Kitowicz, Norm Sims, Father Sweeney, Joe Wardzala, Joe Boulden, Jim Howes
Center: Harry Tobin, Jack Connors, Mike Vodoklys, Frank Kamish, Francis…

A photo of Maynard Cricket Club Soccer Team, ca 1915.

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Front: ___?,___?, Pekka Kemppinen, ___?
Back: ___?, Karl Nylund, ___?, Mikko Seppanen, __Sjoblom, ___?,___?

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Front: Vincent King, Jack Manning, Merton Merrick, Louis Blatt, Harlen Powers, Harold Kelley, Arthur Kaatari
Back: Jake Laurila, Walter Courtney, Principal Bates, Tom Marsden, Roy Marsden, Lauri Pakinnen

A photo of the Maynard High School Baseball Team.