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A sepia photo of the third graders in front of the Old Main Street School.

A photo of Grade 5 students in front of the Nason St. School, in 1897.


A photo of school children, grade and year unknown. The name Ledgard is written on the back.

A sepia photo of a class of students outside the Nason St. School, in the early 1900's.

A badge commemorating the 1905 Thanksgiving Eve Ball for the Maynard Fire Department. This badge has a portrait of the Maynard Fire Chief on it, possibly Thomas A. Sweeny.

This is book two, the Development of the Vowels. Acquired by the Maynard schools in 1905.


The first map shows a proposed subdivision on Summer Hill that was never developed. The second map shows a reduced proposal of the same site. The land was purchased by the Maynard Conservation Commission in 1979. The property is off Summer Hill Road.

The map shows the trolleys route from Concord's Monument Square to Woods Square in Hudson and the connecting trolleys, roads and rail roads.


Copy of an 1850 Farmer's Almanac.

We've determined that "A. Maynard" is Aaron Maynard, who edited several other almanacs in that general time period. There is no known connection of him to the Town of Maynard.

A document describing bilious pills for the family as developed by Dr. John B. Houche of Groton, CT.

A courtesy map of Boston & Vicinity given away at the Digital Training Center at Bedford, MA. The map was folded so as to fit inside a matchbook-like container.

A photo book that spans the time that DEC was active in the mills of Maynard. Pictures of people, equipment, construction and activities.

A program brochure honoring Judge Howard A. Wilson upon his elevation to Justice of the Concord District Court. He was appointed by Governor Allen to succeed Judge Prescott Keyes. The banquet took place June 16,1930. Leslie W. Sims was the…

This book was obtained at an auction of the property of John H. Vose in the early 1900's by Mrs. James Sheridan, Sr. The book was the property of John Henry Vose whose autograph appears inside. Mr. Vose was a member of the school committee in the…

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Three volume set on all the ins and outs of running a business.

A receipt from the Arthur T. Haynes, Department Store to Bert Batley. The purchase of rugs, shades, and rollers totaled $161.11 on November 1, 1905.


A chronology of the former Alms House / Poor Farm which was located at 206-209 Great Road (the large white house across from Alumni Field / 2020)