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Some of the debris that was removed from the river with the help of the army.

During the construction of a foundation for a hardware store on Main Street in 2002 the original Assabet River bed was exposed showing peat and mud from the river. The Assabet River flowed through the Main Street area and was moved to its existing…

View of the river from the Stow side.

In 1906 Peter Wilcox and another Maynard man were granted a licence to operate a passenger boat from Maynard to Lake Boon. A boat house and landing wharf was built on the river near the Ben Smith Dam and a landing wharf was installed at Whitman's…

The Assabet River, Ben Smith Bridge and the Mill Street Bridge are visible on the right side of picture. The old pumping station chimney, back and to the left, on Winter Street and the chimney at the trolley barn are seen on the left.

The Ben Smith Bridge and the Mill Street Bridge are seen as well as the Assabet River. The chimney, center left, is the old pumping station on Winter Street.

The first Russell's Bridge connected Stow to Sudbury over the Assabet River.

The Assabet River seen after a thunder storm in July 1887. The view is of the river looking upstream toward the Ben Smith Bridge perhaps taken from the Mill Street Bridge.

The Assabet River. (Believed to be taken near Summer Hill Glen.)

The Assabet River has breached the barrier between the river and the Mill complex. Possibly after a hurricane.

The Assabet River. (Believed to be taken near Summer Hill Glen.)

The Assabet River. (Believed to be taken near Summer Hill Glen.)

The river is presumably the Assabet but which bridge is shown is a mystery.

Looking upstream of the Assabet River with the Woolen Mill in the background.

A sepia-colored photo of Mrs. Jonathan (Grandma) Bower, Susie Tingly Smith, and Esther (?)owd (seated against the tree) relaxing on a swing in the backyard at #1 1/2 Acton Court, with the Assabet River in the background.

A severe winter with several heavy snow storms. The third picture was taken in March of 1920 from the Walnut Street bridge showing the Assabet River in flood from the spring snow melt.

Albert Larkin and friends in his new motor boat on the Assabet River.
1st on right Albert Larkin

Top photo near Powder MIlls
Bottom photo at railroad bridge Maynard Coal Company