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A chronology of music makers in Maynard from the 1900s through the late 1940s. (At the time of its writing, the centennial authors planned to update it through the 1960s).

Two music albums issued during the Centennial of 1971. Featured Maynard Community Band, MHS Boys and Girls Glee Clubs, MHS Band, Maynard Community Chorus, and the Boiler Room Boys. Alex DeGrappo (Director), William Parenteau (Composer), Charles…

Made up of members of all churches in town. Mr. Charles Garabedian, director.

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Front: Charles Garabedian, __?,__? __?__?, Jack Johnson, __?__?__?__?, Otto Kunolius, Phil Wilson and Roy Helander at far left.

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Two photos of the chorus -one dated as 1960, the other undated.

Photo - 2021.535
Row 1: Charles Garabedian (8th from left)
Row 2: Toivo Erkkinen (5th from left)
Row 3: Swat Warila (7th from left), Tut Ianuzzo (8th from left)
Row 4: Alex…

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Front: Taimi Wattu Sofka, Helen Mark Ketola, Aune Savikoski Ojalehto, Oscar Tofferi (Director), Aili Stabell Niemi, Evelyn Saari, Hulda Hill Nelson

Back: Helen Leverin, Bertha Saari, Impi Rivers, Sirkka Lehtinen French, Tyyne Glad Klemola,…

The performance was at the Music Hall, Maynard, on July 27, 1912. (This was the same year that the Music Hall was destroyed by fire.)

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Front: ___?, Ralph Jones, Ed. Carlton, Marion Jones, Walter Larkin, ___?

Back: Allan Palmer, ___?, ___?, Theron Lowden, ___?, ___?, William Johnson

Documents related to the chorus.

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A choral group of older singers organized by Roy Helander in the 1990's at the Senior Center. The chorus sang at public events, nursing homes, civic groups etc...The music is in a binder.

In honor of the Finnish Independence Day a combined group of singers from several towns joined together to sing patriotic Finnish songs. The photo was taken at the Parker Street Hall for one performance, another performance was in Fitchburg, MA. The…