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A bayonet is a long, sharp blade that can be attached to the end of a rifle and used as a weapon.

A copper powder flask is a small container for gunpowder, which was an essential part of shooting equipment with muzzle-loading guns. This flask was carried by a Capt. Lawrence in the Civil War.

The reunion of the civil war veterans was held in Boston, August 11 - 16, 1890.

A history of the regiment that was organized in 1863.

Regimental history of the 9th Massachusetts Volunteers from 1861 - 1864.

Copies of 59 letters written by William Henry Peck during the civil war to various relatives. The letters were collated by Ruth Peck Doyle. Sample letter shown.

An account of a fundraising event that turned out to be, perhaps, the largest single event ever held in Maynard: "Barbecue Day".

The canteen resembles civil war era canteens, made of tin. A cork was used to seal the top.
Not sure why it ended up in Maynard.

Canceled ticket for a special train for Maine Veterans of the Civil War from Boston to Gettysburg, PA.

"The letter was sent to Mrs. Marry M. Stewart [Mary Stuart] from her nephew Ebenezer Stuart Whitcomb, E. S., as he called himself, wrote to his Aunt Mary from a Union Civil War camp near Portsmouth, Virginia where he was serving with the 16th…

A book that explores the history of the men who served in the Civil War who had a Maynard connection.

An original five dollar bill, # 46448, dated December 2nd, 1862.

A letter written by Charles Pease to his sister, Mrs. Augustia(?) Smith of Assabet, Mass.(now Maynard). He was stationed at Camp Michigan, Annapolis.

John Roberts was a Private, Co I, 1st Maine Calvary , Union Army, killed in action on May 3, 1863. Buried in an unmarked grave near Louisa Court House, VA. There is a Commemorative Marker in the Robert's lot at the Glenwood Cemetery.

Information about the men from Assabet Village (later Maynard) who serve in the Civil War. Also a detailed biography about James Carney ( 1842-1925) who served in the war, written by Robert J. Kenney, Jr.

This picture was created from a tintype.

A copper powder flask is a small container for gunpowder, which was an essential part of shooting equipment with muzzle-loading guns. This one is an antique Powder Flask, 8 inches long; a 19th Century Original Civil War & Hunting Type.

Lucius Wilson (r) and James Carney (l), veterans of the Civil War and members of the Grand Army of the Republic. At the time this picture was taken they were the last surviving veterans of the the war.

These veterans are from Acton and Maynard. Met in a location in Acton.