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Otherwise known as "Paper Mill Bridge", this bridge was badly damaged by the flood of November , 1927. The south side of the bridge went down at 3 AM. Bridge had to be closed to vehicular traffic. Opened for traffic one way on December 12, 1927.…

Near Waltham Street, site of old paper mill. Dam washed out with the Paper Mill Bridge in 1927. Assabet River went on a rampage after a terrific rainstorm. About 1829 a paper mill was built at the corner of Summer and Parker Streets, using the…

File contains histories, incorporation notices, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous information relative to the mill, dam and bridge.

The mill was located at the corner of Waltham and Parker Streets, on the river side of Parker Street. Built in 1820 by William May, it was sold to John Sawyer and then later to William Parker. In 1831 it became the Fourdrinier Paper Co., Inc. That…

Remains of this dam can still be seen from the Paper Mill (Waltham Street) Bridge. The picture was taken in the winter with Assabet River in flood.

Until 1927 was located south of where the Assabet River runs under the "Paper Mill Bridge". Both the dam and the bridge was washed out in the flood of November 1927. The bridge was replaced and is being replaced again in 2012. The large dark…

Photos of winter views from the Paper Mill Dam.

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Top view from the Paper Mill Bridge.
Bottom view looking South on the Assabet toward the Paper MIll Bridge and the Assabet Mill.

Top picture is the north side. Bottom picture is the south side.

A photo of the bridge, which was composed of field stone and granite, but the heavy rains caused a flood to undermine the structure. A concrete bridge was built at that time and it lasted until 2012 when it was replaced.

The second photo shows the…

A photo of the Paper Mill Dam & Bridge.

Copies of miscellaneous deeds of the property along Parker Street relating to the Parker and Paper Mill properties.

A picture of the paper mill dam shows the dam located south of where the Assabet River runs under the Paper mill Bridge, Both the dam and the bridge were washed out in November 1927. The bridge was replaced.

The Methodist Church at the corner of Summer and Main Street soon after construction with the Music Hall to the far left and the Paper Mill falls in the fore ground.

Stereograph showing the Paper Mill near the junction of Summer and Parker Streets. The mill was destroyed by fire in 1894. The chimney was taken down in 1914.

A stereograph of the Paper Mill Dam. The photograph is facing upstream of the Assabet River (west), with Assabet Mills in the distance.

This dam was used to harness water power to run the mill. Water that was used in the creation of paper was…

The second photo has a note pointing out the Music Hall (or the Rink) on Main Street. The woolen mill smoke stack is seen upstream of the Assabet River.

The paper mill was in operation from 1820 to the early 1880's located at what is now the corner of Waltham St. and Parker St. The Parker family owned and operated the mill for many years.