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  • Collection: Assabet Mills

World War I buttons cut off military coats, shredded in the Shoddy Mill, Assabet Mills. They were found by Edmund Duggan.

The last report that included the section of Sudbury that was to become part of the Town of Maynard in 1871. Two pages shown, one with the value of the Assabet Manufacturing Co. and the other page with the assessment of Amory and Lorenzo Maynard and…

The program dedicated three markers at the corner of Walnut St and Main St. that illustrate a brief history of the mill.

A commemorative program celebrating the Mill Clock installation and donation by Lorenzo Maynard in 1892.

A souvenir box with a painting of the Assabet Mills and Mill Pond on the cover.

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View across the pond of the mill with two chimneys visible.
Chimney on left taken down in mid-1950's.
The RR Station can be seen on the left in the top photo.

The attached houses where built in 1901 to house mill workers. The location is corner of Main St. and Florida Rd. where Post Office is now located. The wall the woman is sitting on can be seen in front of Amory Maynard House, 145 Main St.

The American Woolen Company built the houses off Parker Street and owned the variety store.

Bobbins were wound with the yarn that was used in weaving.

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The shuttle carried the weft back and forth through the warp to make the weave.

A ledger recording the real estate transfer of the property owned by the woolen company to private owners. The record indicates the purchase price, parcel location, interest payments and the balanced owed as of March 1936. Example shown is the…

The clock is being repainted similar to the original 1892 color.

A square piece of purple wool cloth similar to those made at the American Woolen Co.

A green woolen blanket similar to those made at the American Woolen Co., Maynard.

A collection of fourteen wool hooks used in the American Woolen Company Mills, in the process of manufacturing woolen cloth. These were used in the Drawing-In Room. They range in length from 6 to 10 inches.

Fourteen square/rectangle wool sample cloths of varying colors. Sizes range from 3.5 x 5 in. to 4.5 x 7.5 in. Colors include reds, greens, brown, and black. These wool cloth samples were manufactured at the Assabet Mills.

Cloth label that was sown on the finished product.

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Book on the principles of woolen manufacturing, which includes 111 diagrams. Chapter titles include: The History of the Woollen Trade; Wool, and Wool Washing; Carbonizing; Shoddy; Oils and Soaps; Opening Processes; Mixing; Carding; Card Feeds and…

A metal plate removed from the Assabet Mill machinery. The plate reads: "Alternating Current Generator". It was first patented in February 1888.