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artifacts 006.JPG
United Co-Operative Society wire milk carrier and 10 - 1 quart bottles.

A history of the Maynard United Cooperative Society from its inception in 1906 through 1957. Contains facts, names, photos and charts in its 32 pages.

Two copies of a detailed history of the Maynard Cooperative Society (Kaleva Cooperative Association) from its inception in 1906 through 1940. Published in 1941 and written by Frank Aaltonen.

The last calendar published by the United Cooperative Society

To discourage a large number of people coming to the cashier's office to cash checks on payday, a charge of 10 cents was made and a coupon issued redeemable in the supermarket when shopping on purchases of $2.00 or more.

Eight oil delivery receipts from 1970 to 1973 of oil delivered to Edmund Rubin. A series of oil bill receipts and other receipts from 1964 billed to Paul Boothroyd.

Certificate for one share of the Capital Stock of the Maynard Co-operative Milk Association issued to Mikko Saari on April 1, 1915. This Association became part of the Kaleva Co-operative Association in 1917.

These are a sample of the yardsticks in the MHS collection. They were used both as advertising tools and in some cases measuring intruments to determine amount of oil/kerosene in a 55 gallon drum. Note telephone numbers: 540, TW 7-2951, 897-2951

This program contains photos and a history written entirely in Finnish.

Two envelopes from the United Cooperative Society, 56-62 Main Street, Maynard, Mass., dated 1938.

A leaflet announcing a musical program for November 4, 1934 and a dance on November 3, 1934.

A newsletter published periodically to keep the members informed about the Co-ops activities. This is one of many CO-OP NEWS in the MHS collection.

One share purchased by Mikko Saari in the Kaleva Co-operative Association later to become the United Cooperative Society.

From a 1936 brochure:

"This is what it means....
The pine tree stands for life and growth. It is known as everlasting, so are co-operatives. The original emblem has a background of gold, the color of the sun's rays, which shine on co-operatives…