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The room number is 8 and the key holder is for room 21..
The hotel was located at the corner of Nason St. and Summer St., the site now occupied by Memorial Park. Built in 1867 by Peter Haley and operated as the Glendale House, from the "Glendale"…

The 5 cent token was likely used in trade at the hotel.

Complimentary corkscrew from John Desmond, owner of the Maynard House.
The Maynard House was located at the Corner of Nason St. and Summer St. It was built in 1867, changing hands several times. John Desmond owned the property until about 1907.…

Room numbers 1,9, and B key holder for the Maynard Motel that was formerly located on Powder Mill Road, Rte. 62, near the Acton/Maynard town line.

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Built in 1867 on Summer Street by Peter Bailey. Originally known as the Glendale House, it had several owners, the last being Martin Peterson. It was destroyed by fire on January 29, 1921. Memorial Park now occupies the site.

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The ruins of the hotel fire with the Eagle Block in the background of the first photo.

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Three photo copies of the Maple House, built by George Cutting during the 1880s and was owned and managed by him for many years. It was located at the corner of Summer and Acton Streets where the present fire and police stations are located.…

Located on the Maynard/Acton line (115 Powder Mill Road)


The Maynard Motel was located at 115 Powder Mill Road.


The Maynard Motel was located at 115 Powder Mill Road.


The Maynard Motel was located at 115 Powder Mill Road.


The atlas contains maps of the cities, towns and villages of Middlesex County with the names of streets, houses, churches, schools and hotels.

The map of Maynard includes:

Streets: Acton, Alendale (Glendale), Beachmont, Brooks, Concord, Front,…

A review of the many boarding houses and hotels that sprang up in Maynard starting in the 1860s and flourished until the 1930s.