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A red container with the 'Dead Shot' brand of gun powder from the American Powder Mills, Maynard. The F.F.G. label indicates finer granules of powder used mainly in shotguns and larger caliber rifles- "sporting powder".

The name A. O. Fay,…

A piece of a wooden box with the label "American Cyanamid and Chemical Corp. - American Powder Division - Maynard, Mass, U.S.A." Mr. & Mrs. Worsley Fardy were traveling in New Hampshire and saw this piece of a box at a flea market.

A red can which held gun powder from the American Powder Mills.

An advertising sign for the Powder Mills "Dead Shot Powder" product. This powder was manufactured by the American Powder Company at it's mills in Acton and Maynard.

Used at the American Powder Mills to warn danger of explosives.

A certificate given to Charles Clark in recognition for his contributions "by effort and efficiency while an employee of this company in winning the Army-Navy Production Award for Excellence in War Production"

Old type key formerly used at the American Powder Mill.

A paper label used to identify rifle cartridge shell powder kegs.

This is less a monograph, but more a (somewhat confusing) set of side notes and family history on two people strongly connected to the Powder Mills that sprang up in the mid 1800s.

If anyone wants to untangle this, feel free!

This picture was used for advertising "Dead Shot Powder", manufactured at the American Powder Mills. The print hung for many years in the office of the American Powder Mills.

The corning mill is where the final product was ground into a suitable size for use as gun powder.

This photo was taken during the dismantling of the wheel mill. Each of the wheels weighed 7 tons. The cross shaft and crown gear weighted 3 tons making a total of 17 tons. The large crown gear had wooden teeth to avoid the friction or sparking of…

1st photo : Robert "Wink" McGarry. The nickname is attributed to the constant blinking of the eyes due to irritation from manufacturing process.

2nd photo: l to r Alvin Stone, Alfred Carey, "Wink" McGarry

3rd photo : l to r Alfred Carey ,…

Photos of a restored American Powder Division truck seen at a show in 2011.

First three photos are of the Powder Mills building surrounded by water from the flooded Assabet River.
The fourth photo is the Assabet River at the rear of the Middlesex Laundry near the Paper Mill (Waltham Street) Bridge. The last photo is the…

Three photos with a view of the Powder Mills. Two photos with Walter Larkin at the Powder Mills.

The picture on the left was taken from Pine Hill on the north side of the Assabet River. A copy from a postcard. All the land along the river was considered good farm land.

The picture on the right is a house of the village, now 106 Powder Mill…

see 1999.956 for information on the presentation and award.