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A booklet describing the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Medal. Included is a 50th Anniversary Ribbon worn by Town Officials, dated April 19, 1921.

The Army-Navy "E" Award was an honor presented to companies during World War II whose production facilities achieved "Excellence in Production" ("E") of war equipment. The employees received the pin.

Badge worn by Committee Members during the 50th Anniversary Celebration, dated April 19, 1921.

The folded paper mailing has a Needles & Pins usage chart on the reverse side. This one was sent to Patrick Lalli.

A metal badge celebrating the Centennial Belles, dated June 26-July 4, 1971.

Red and white "Shavers Permit" badge to be worn by the men in Maynard who volunteered not to shave until the Centennial Parade.

An initialed M.H.S. class pin. The pin came from Folger, 180 Broadway, NY that was in business in the early 1900s. The initials likely refer to Maynard High School although there were few number of graduates (7) in 1907.

1908 Maynard High School class pin with the initials on back, MGT, Marion G. Townsend.

1923 Maynard High School class pin with initials PM and XX on back. Likely owned by Pearl McAuslin , a member of the class of 1923.

A button with an American flag attached commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Maynard.

Type of pin used by women when hats were a mandatory apparel. It was to keep the hat on the head. This hat pin was found along the B&M railroad tracks.

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Eastern Finnish Music Organization formed to encourage Finnish bands and choruses. Hugo Kajander was the promoter.

Raising funds pin used during WWII to aid Finland's conflict with Russia.

Participation pin for one of the annual Finnish Summer Festivals.

A Young People Society of Christian Endeavor pin.

Participation pin of the Joint Celebration, Rhode Island & Connecticut, of the 300th anniversary of Finnish people coming to America.

Souvenir pin commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Finnish & Swedish people arrival in America, 1638 - 1938.

The pin commemorates the 300th year of Finns and Swedes arrival in America, 1638-1938. The festival was held in Delaware, attended by Kings and Presidents.