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A program presented by the Maynard Parent/Teachers Association for the Scholarship Fund.

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A Programme for "The Fairy Wedding", hosted by the Junior League of the Methodist Church, in Music Hall, Maynard, MA, on Saturday evening, May 23,1903.

A Program for a comedy presented by the St. Bridget's Parish Players on March 16 & 17, 1937, 8:00 PM, at the Maynard High School Auditorium.

A Pamphlet documenting the 100th Anniversary of the Maynard Methodist Church, 1867-1967. The Pamphlet includes a listing of all the Ministers since it was organized, the 50 Year Members, Church Committees, a brief history of the Parish, and…

Msgr. Callahan was assigned to St. Bridget's Parish in 1959. The "40th Anniversary of the Ordination to the Holy Priesthood of Christ" held at Alphonse's Powder Mill Restaurant.

A program of a concert to raise money for Finland after the invasion by Russia in 1939. The fourth photo is a sample page of sponsors.

A typed program for the Cloverleaf Girl Scout Night on May 4, 1931.

A program for a concert/recital held at the Congregational Church on October 22, 1912.

A program and agenda guide outlining the events of a tribute day to Ken Olsen. The events were organized by DECconnection.

A copy of the program used at the Formal Dedication of the Town Building.

Attending individuals:
Edgar M. Olsen, Rev. Richard D. Rintala, Jean T. Caisey, Stanley M. Kulik

Howard E. Boeske, Joseph F. Dineen, John H. McDonald

Edwin Carlton,…

Program of testimonial dinner in honor of Dr. Raymond E. Hooper.

A program outlining a three day observance of the Town's incorporation in 1871.

A program from the Mother-Daughter Girl Scout Banquet Program, held May 24, 1956.

A Program for "H.M.S. Pinafore" presented by the Ladies Aid of the Methodist Episcopal Church on Thursday, January 30, 1930, held in the Colonial Hall, Maynard, MA.

Four page card board covered program listing speakers, menu and guests.

Frederick Albert Persons, Mary Eleanor Sheridan, Alice Lillian Scully, Helen Evangeline Mahn, Annie Evelyn Sherry
Maude Mary Riley, Jane Elizabeth Crowley, Maud Ethelynde McGrail, Laura May Jamieson, Marion Belle Haynes
Mary Amelia Sullivan, Ethyl…


An Official Program listing the players of a game between Maynard High School and Hudson High School.

A collection of Maynard High School Football game programs, 1961-1964.

The Graduates:
Leo O. Aho, Dorothy M. Allen, Olavi J. Alto, Irene V. Anderson, Olga Anderson, Joseph F. Bachrach, Helen E. Bakun, Harriet F. Bamford, Kathryn M. Bariteau, John M. Bellows, Walter E. Brayden, Veronica A. Budnowicz, Herbert Croft,…

A program of music presented by C.H. Persons at the Riverside Hall. This program is for a concert held January 3, 1887.