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The log records the presence, absence and excused absence at call firemen meetings and response to fire alarms.

The register contains 500 stubs of checks written to various Maynard residents and businesses. Shown are stubs for check 1338 to Tom Lawler, 1339 to H. W. Bursaw, and 1340 to Bill Priest. Unfortunately, both the check owner and the financial…

Two Prescription books from Johnson Pharmacy, the first with prescriptions 27001 to 29999; the second with prescriptions 97751 (Oct. 23, 1903) to 110135 (Feb 10, 1905).
Each prescription is pasted in order in the book, with the ordered drug, doctors…

A precise text, map, triangulation station and geographical description of the town boundaries for Acton, Bedford, Concord, Lincoln, Maynard, Sudbury, Wayland & Weston.
Several sample pages are shown.

An early account ledger of the Town of Maynard showing income and expenses.

An early account book of the Town of Maynard showing expenses paid to various people and organizations.

A blank note book with 300 promissory notes for the Town of Maynard. Ten were used. A stub is shown of a check written to Amory & Lorenzo Maynard for land that became part of Glenwood Cemetery.

A ledger with the graduates of the high school, colleges attended, employment, married name and current address (1930). The sample page shows the class of 1886 and 1888. Also shown is the number of graduates in each year and the class presidents.

William Holly and John Comeau built an auto repair garage at the intersection of Summer St., Main St. and Acton St. These are seven Order Books that they used on a daily basis to keep track of repairs and charges.

A record of customers, dates of services, fees, paid invoices in a bound ledger.
Shown is a page for Hans Erikson and an invoice for James Russo.

A ledger recording the real estate transfer of the property owned by the woolen company to private owners. The record indicates the purchase price, parcel location, interest payments and the balanced owed as of March 1936. Example shown is the…

The book records orders for different quantities, color, style, quality and kind of finished woolen cloth over a ten month period.

The book records orders for different quantities, color, style, quality and kind of finished woolen cloth over an eleven month period.

The book records orders for different quantity, color, style, quality and kind of finished woolen cloth over a two year period.

The book has the date of order, date of carding and spinning , quantity and other information of the finished woolen cloth.

The ledger was used to keep account of the revenues and expenses for the Town of Maynard.

The ledger list the name and weekly wages of the woolen mill employees. The pay ranged from $.07 to $.40 per hour for a 60 hour week.
The highest paid employee was W. H. Maynard, the son of Amory Maynard, who earned $95.85/week as the…

Alfred Torppa was the clerk for the society. These ledgers, written in Finnish, are minutes of the monthly meetings. The Cooperative store was on Main St. and the restaurant was functioning upstairs.

A ledger of the activities of the Woman's Club charity committee. The members were active in helping the poor with clothing and shoes, addressing district nursing, tuberculosis awareness and treatment etc... Duringt WWI the group aided the American…

A ledger containing the names of individuals who purchased perpetual care for Glenwood Cemetery, Maynard, MA. The dates registered range from 1916 to 1947, and costs ranging from $10.00 to $1,200.