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Town of Maynard Civil Defense Agency during World War II.

A certificate given to Charles Clark in recognition for his contributions "by effort and efficiency while an employee of this company in winning the Army-Navy Production Award for Excellence in War Production"

The coupons could be used when purchasing 1 to 50 gallons of oil during World War II.

To receive a gasoline ration card, a person had to certify a need for gasoline.

The guidon or flag was given to James Mertz by a former Sergeant in the Japanese Army.

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MWDC was established during WWII to train women in various occupations to aid the war effort.

Recognition of completion of the motor course at the Maynard Civil Defense School. Certificate signed by Ellen F. Sheridan.

A collection of personal papers from Philip F. Williams specifically during the World War II era. These include: Selective Service notifications, Induction Notice (June 14, 1944), Official Election War Ballot for November 7, 1944, and a Season's…

Ruth Cuttell was active during WWII as an Air Raid Warden, Household Warden and in Civil Defense.

Awarded to Dr. Raymond E. Hooper "In the name of the Congress of the United States for faithful and loyal service."

White armband with embraided Air Raid Warden insignia.

The books contain removable stamps that could be used during World War II to purchase rationed products.

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World War II coupon book for rationed products.

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Lapel pin worn on the uniform indicating that the individual is qualified in ARP (Air Raid Precautions) and a member of the Women's Defense Corps.

The pin has a hand and sword, the color blue for Infantry and the motto for the school at Fort Benning, Georgia.