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The Assabet River. (Believed to be taken near Summer Hill Glen.)

The Assabet River. (Believed to be taken near Summer Hill Glen.)

The Assabet River. (Believed to be taken near Summer Hill Glen.)

A short review on the Assabet River, the origins and variations of its name, and how it was intertwined in Maynard's early history.

Photograph of the Powder Mill Dam

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Photograph of the Mill and "canal" adjacent to Walnut Street (taken from the Main Street bridge) taken in 1915. Note the alternate or mis-spelling of Assabet ("Assabett") on the photograph. Also this is technically not the canal, but the…

Looking upstream of the Assabet River with the Woolen Mill in the background.

View of the river from the Stow side.

The ice house was built by John Comeau, later owned by Fred Taylor. It was located on the Stow side of the Assabet River by Russel Bridge, seen in photo.

The ice house was built by Bent then later run by C. C. Murray and John Zaniewski.
The first photo was taken in 1903, the second is the remains after it burned in 1922 with the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Trolley chimney in the background, and the…

The Assabet River seen from the old railroad bed. Crow Island protrudes into the river on the left side of the picture.

A swimming area in the Assabet River behind the Town Center with large boulders used for swimming.

Ben Smith Bridge seen from Main St. area.