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Two Prescription books from Johnson Pharmacy, the first with prescriptions 27001 to 29999; the second with prescriptions 97751 (Oct. 23, 1903) to 110135 (Feb 10, 1905).
Each prescription is pasted in order in the book, with the ordered drug, doctors…

A precise text, map, triangulation station and geographical description of the town boundaries for Acton, Bedford, Concord, Lincoln, Maynard, Sudbury, Wayland & Weston.
Several sample pages are shown.

Two bound volumes of the Beacon newspaper for the year 1973.
Volume 1: Jan 4, 1973 - June 23, 1973
Volume 2: July 5, 1973 - Dec. 27, 1973

Three bound volumes of the newspaper.
Volume 1: May 4, 1917 - May 3, 1918
Volume 2: May 8, 1925 - April 30, 1926
Volume 3: May 6, 1932 - April 27, 1933

Bound volumes of The Hudson News newspaper.
Volume 1: May 11, 1900 - May 3, 1901
Volume 2: May 1, 1908 - April 23, 1909

Four volumes for the years 1879 - 1882 showing the taxable property/assets for each individual in the Town. The source of income for the Town was a Poll Tax, Personal Estate Tax and Real Estate Tax.

This is the first valuation for tax purposes of the property/assets in Maynard after incorporation in April, 1871. The source of income for the Town was from Poll Taxes, Personal Estate and Real Estate. The assessors were Asahel Balcom, Artemus…

Six ledgers recorded with the income and expenditures of the High School football, basketball, baseball and other sports.

An early account ledger of the Town of Maynard showing income and expenses.

An early account book of the Town of Maynard showing expenses paid to various people and organizations.

A blank note book with 300 promissory notes for the Town of Maynard. Ten were used. A stub is shown of a check written to Amory & Lorenzo Maynard for land that became part of Glenwood Cemetery.

A ledger with the graduates of the high school, colleges attended, employment, married name and current address (1930). The sample page shows the class of 1886 and 1888. Also shown is the number of graduates in each year and the class presidents.

William Holly and John Comeau built an auto repair garage at the intersection of Summer St., Main St. and Acton St. These are seven Order Books that they used on a daily basis to keep track of repairs and charges.

Originally owned by Asahel Balcom, early resident of the Town of Maynard.

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William Holly and John Comeau built an auto repair garage at the intersection of Summer St., Main St. and Acton St.
Shown is the account for John E. Connors with the license plate number, date, odometer reading, service and cost.

Lucius was a distant relative of Amory Maynard.

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Maynard was originally part of Sudbury and Stow.

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Regulation poster hung in fire house.
Chief: Samuel Lawton
1st Asst: Charles Cahill
Clerk: Thomas A. Sweeney

The crossed Union Jack and United States Flag indicating solidarity during World War II. The three dots and a dash is Morse Code for letter V.

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Used at the American Powder Mills to warn danger of explosives.