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A pair of field hockey sticks from the Maynard Middle School gym on Summer Street when it was the old Maynard High School.

A hand drill is a manual tool that converts and amplifies circular motion. Though it has been replaced in most applications by power drills, the hand drill is used by many woodworkers.

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Front Row (11): Jeanne Parmenter, Lynn Dee, Carol Dolson, Mary Graceffa, Leora Barry, Karen Bushey, Nancy Hanson, Sandra Corriveau, Joan Campbell, Linda Gogolin, Sandra Bulclerewicz

Center Row (9): Marjorie Bouffard, John Farrar, Allan…

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Front Row (11): Sandra Corriveau (partial), Francine Jones, Roland Miner, David Hatch, John Lent, Leora Barry, Lynn Dee, Nancy Hanson, _____?, Ronald Forsyth, Carl Fryatt

2nd Row (10): Elaine Colombo, Robert Fardy, Gregory MiIan, David…

A copy of the program used at the Formal Dedication of the Town Building.

Attending individuals:
Edgar M. Olsen, Rev. Richard D. Rintala, Jean T. Caisey, Stanley M. Kulik

Howard E. Boeske, Joseph F. Dineen, John H. McDonald

Edwin Carlton,…

A red, cotton, and felt banner celebrating the establishment in 1852 of the Union Congregational Church, Maynard, MA. The banner celebrates the 125th Anniversay in 1977.

This model was made by Theodoric Jones who was the first engineer at the Assabet Mills, about 1901-02, when the company began the manufacture of electricity. Mr. Jones was the Grandfather of Mrs. Arthur Price.

'George Corliss invented his…

A 4 lb. wooden Indian Club from the Tarmo Athletic Club at the Parker St. Hall.

Two metal street signs: Summer St. & Summer Hill Rd.

A bucksaw used by the Erkkinen Family.

Three wooden Assabet Mills shipping crate slats. These were remnants of shipping crates used to ship products.

Four brochures describing the benefits available for Digital employees including medical, retirement, sick leave, vacation, stock options, tuition etc...

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Alice Boeske, Sara Boeske, Louis Boeske, Betty Boeske, Polly Boeske

2nd photo: Louis Boeske on a motorcycle at an earlier time.


A piece of door moulding manufactured by W. A. Haynes Co., Maynard, Mass. The Haynes Company was located on Nason Street, with buildings running from Acton St. to Summer St.

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This axe was presumably made in Stow. It bears the name of O. Sawyer and J. Rogers (etched in smaller letters below Sawyer) on the blade. It was found in the old barn at William Salo's. The Salo barn stood for many years on Great Rd. at the…

A wooden bread paddle used to take loaves of bread out of a large oven at the new VFW building at the corner of Main and Harriman Streets.

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This wooden tool was used to measure board feet in a pile of lumber.

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This tool was used to measure the thickness of trees.

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An old, green-painted bucksaw approximately 125 years old, used to cut cord wood.

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