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A collage of individual pictures of the students in the fifth grade at the Roosevelt School, Maynard, 1920-21.

The students are from left to right:

Top: Uno Klemola, Joe Kolenda, Hugo Stapel
2nd: Mary Russo, Grace Malone, Max Cohen

The Haman Smith house, also known as the Case house, is located on Great Road. Haman owned much land in Assabet Village (now Maynard) and gave each of his four sons a farm.


Located on Prospect Street, the church was erected in 1915-16.
The first photo was taken November 22, 1931. Second photo was taken in 1970. The third photo shows the redesigned entrance.

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2 Oak Street
Women with baby carriage unidentified.


Maynard's first fire station, located on Nason Street, was built ca 1891 and was used until early 1950's when a new station was built on Summer Street. Tony Collins is the driver, the first full time fireman (1903). At the very extreme left of the…

l to r
Front Row (5): Otto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiala, John Forss, John Linna

Center Row (6): Matti Sarvela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, Aaroni Haapanen

Back Row (7): Sam Ruotsala, Hugo…

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This is an advertising ruler for J Frances Cleary & Albert J Hodges, Insurance Agency. It was located at 17 Summer St, Maynard, Mass.

A lifelong resident of Maynard. Well known for his musical talents, dramatics, social, and civic activities. Outstanding end-man in minstrel shows, also a soloist, actor, bowler and politician. Served two terms as a Selectman after retirement from…

Two prominent citizens of Maynard and active members of the Maynard Historical Society.

This picture was taken at Lake Boon in the roadway leading up to the Association Hall in front of what was known as the Leicester Cottage.

This newspaper clipping of John Flaherty, Umpire, appeared in the Worcester Evening Gazette on August 6, 1970. John, a native of Maynard received his start on the local athletic fields. Now making his home in Falmouth.


Photograph of the Knights of Columbus Banquet on April 15, 1925

l to r: George Lawton, Herbert Lawton, Jack Veitch.
The orchestra or sometimes referred as the LVL Trio was organized around 1900 and was under the direction of George Lawton. Herbert Lawton was a pianist.

Some of their appearances as gleaned…

Lucius Wilson (r) and James Carney (l), veterans of the Civil War and members of the Grand Army of the Republic. At the time this picture was taken they were the last surviving veterans of the the war.

A sepia photo of Grade 3 in the Main Street School, dated 1907.
(l to r):
Front: Gene Espie, Reg. Jones, Walter Mullin, Albert Sullivan, George Peterson, Bob Sheridan, Lars Peterson, Vincent Maley

Center: ___?, Martha Shaw, Annie Duggan, May…


Shows the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway turnout opposite boarding houses.
Copied from a postcard.

Taken at the time of the town's 50th Anniversary
Left to right - Edwin Carlton, Frank S. Binks, Charles Keene.

Made up of members of all churches in town. Mr. Charles Garabedian, director.

l to r
Front: Charles Garabedian, __?,__? __?__?, Jack Johnson, __?__?__?__?, Otto Kunolius, Phil Wilson and Roy Helander at far left.

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This team was coached by Don Lent winning the Middlesex League championship that year.