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A black and white photo of Helen Mark Ketola. Helen Ketola was an active member of the Maynard Dramatic Club since it's inception. She served as Director and starred in many productions. She also authored a history of the MDC in the Assabet Valley…

A file folder of newspaper clippings throughout the years, 1936-1972.

Information on the bicycle clubs that existed in Maynard.

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The story of a short-lived association of cycle riders in the early 1900s.

A history of one of the major clubs in Maynard whose origins stretch back to the turn of the 20th century.

In the days before the canned entertainment of radio and television, people created their own diversions - and dances were immensely popular.

In striking red and white dress uniforms, taken in the rear of Fairbanks' house on Pleasant Street.
4th from left: __Cameron; 5th from left: Tom Carey; 2nd left from flag: Neil Jacobson; 3rd right from flag: Walter Chapman; 1st right: Julius…

This photo is variously identified as Odd Fellows or Masons. Most likely Masons.

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Front Row:__Bishop, Charles Dyson, Harry Rodway, Fred Randell, Francis Johnston, Bob Lester, Oliver Trees, Tom Smith

Center Row: William Morris, ___?,…

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Front: Harry Rodway, Thomas Beck, Charles Spence

Center: John Mahon, Nicholas Driscoll, Mark Newton, Henry Ledgard, Jock McInnis

Back: James Murray, Joseph Lambert, Mull Joyce, Thomas French, Thomas Murray

A formal photo.

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Front: Jack Mahan, Harry Rodway, Nick Driscoll, Mark Newton, Henry Ledgard, Thomas Breck
Back: Jack McInnis, James Murray, Joe Lambert, Mike(?) Joyce, Tom French, Tom Murray, Charles Spence

Twilight Club at Lake Boon in 1905 - The Club was dedicated on August 7, 1905 - Originated from St. Bridget's Temperance Society

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Front: Jim Mahoney, Jack Hannon, Dan Colbert, Chas. Smith

Center: Charles McGill, Din Sexton, Jim Claflin,…


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Front: Thomas Deane, __?, __?, __?, Orrin Fowler, __?
Rear: __?, Levi Cheney, __?, L.D. Wilson, William Naylor, Wilder Macurda, O. C. Dreschler, __?

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Front: Ralph Hill, Sr.; Thomas Murray, Fred Neuman, ___?, Fred Palmer

Center: Ralph Hill, Jr.; James Cowles, Roddy McIver, Jesse Billet, Jack Murray, Charles Spence

Back: ___?, Thomas Wright, Richard Allen, Robert Yahn, Ed Billet,…

Photograph of "The Camera Circle", a camera club that existed in the 1930s. This shows some of the members of the club. The photograph was taken on Summer Hill during a field trip..

front row: Leslie Rivers, Arvi Stabell, Walter Luoma


2nd from left is Marion Gladys Townsend, daughter of Benjamin F. and Louisa Carter Townsend


Photograph taken at Lake Boon in either 1914 or 1916.

Front: Jinx Murray, Louis Sullivan, W. (Mc)Mann, Pat Murphy, Spec White, Jim Tobin

Rear: John Wall (Civil War Veteran), Edw. Ledgard, Sam Lawton, Al Ledgard, Jim Ledgard, Jim Helferty,…

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Front: Matt Campbell, John Hannon, Wm. McGrail, James Hilfert, Allie McGrail, James Ledgard

Center: ___?, __?, Wm. Scully, Annie Scully, Jas. Mahoney, ___?, Ed Ledgard, ___?, John Wall, ___?, ___?, John Keegan

Back: Ralph Lawton, ___?,…

Aunt May 2nd from left, Uncle Joe 3rd from left, Wm. J. Tobin on right.

see A267 Post Card

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A play program for "See How They Run", presented by the Maynard Dramatic Club on March 4, 1967. Two tickets for two different performances are included. A newspaper article with the cast photo appeared in the Enterprise on Feb. 23, 1967.

A chronology of the Maynard Cricket Club which operated from 1901 - 1925.