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The map shows the trolleys route from Concord's Monument Square to Woods Square in Hudson and the connecting trolleys, roads and rail roads.


An account of the turbulent interplay of alcohol, the Temperance movement and Prohibition in Maynard.

A joint committee of the Massachusetts Legislature that conferred on trolley issues.
Charles H. Persons, the Maynard Representative, was on this committee. Top row left.


A book that describes the development of the Concord, Maynard & Hudson trolley from its origin in 1899 to its demise in 1922. It includes photos of the rolling stock, employees and carhouse, timetables, usage, fares, finances, a description of riding…

A review of various forms of transportation and how they conveyed residents of Maynard, including walking, horseback, stage-coaches, steam trains, electric trolleys, busses and, finally, the automobile.

Photograph of downtown Maynard in 1910 showing a trolley at the corner of Main St. & Nason St.

This was the early days of the company - about 1906. Built in 1901 by Edward Price of Warren, MA. Destroyed by fire on the night of January, 25, 1918.


Used only on special occasions.


Right: 1. Band Stand; 2. Masonic Block (post office); 3. Creighton Block (Johnson Pharmacy); Center: CM&H Railway Car; Left: Riverside Hall (A.T. Haynes Co); 2. Wall, fence and trees in front of Amory Maynard, II residence; 3. Naylor Block (destroyed…


A group of employees of the Woolen Mill about to take a trip on an open trolley car. Photo taken on Main Street in front of the Congregational Church.

The cars are shown at the turnout near Priest's Corner, Stow, Mass.

The first picture is a photo of the square showing the trolley car heading west. The second picture is a copy of a postcard made from the first picture. Not the electric poles and wire are removed and the trees have leafed out!

This house is moving along Main Street in front of #56, P. Sullivan Clothing Cleaned, Pressed, Dyed and ???. The business next door is the Marlboro Dye House, Cleaners and Dyers. The #19 car trolley (an open 12 bench Wasson with a seating capacity…

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Shows the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway turnout opposite boarding houses.
Copied from a postcard.

A promotional brochure produced by the Concord, Maynard & Hudson trolley and sponsored by various merchants along the route from Hudson to Concord. From the introduction: "The completion of the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway connects…

The Concord, Maynard and Hudson trolley opened in 1901 and later was extended from Maynard to South Acton and West Acton. This small booklet was produced to give guidance to the employees of the trolley. Note on the sample page 24 the procedure to…

The folder contains newspaper clippings, photo copies of pictures, maps, an assessment of the historical significance of the car barn and other related materials.

This photo shows the power station, then St. Casimir's Church, and the car barn, occupied by Atkins and Merrill Inc, of the former Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway Company. Both buildings have flat roofs, a facade was put on the church…

The first and third photo shows the car barn before the fire and after it was rebuilt. The other photos show the structure after the fire.